Your people are your business.
Hire like you mean it.

If you're a business owner, investor, or manager, you know the joy—or misery—involved with adding a new person to your team. 

You also know you need a strong team that you can trust and delegate crucial responsibility to. 

The biggest lever for making this happen is by translating your business needs into actionable hiring criteria. And then implementing a scalable talent system that consistently finds the right person for each role. 

That system should make data-driven decisions to maximize accuracy and minimize unconscious bias. It should also provide a great candidate experience and reliably attract top performers that are a uniquely good fit for your company. 


Build exceptional teams. Consistently.

On some level you know how important talent is (who doesn’t?) but it’s still a challenge to find the time and headspace to make a significant change from your current processes. After all, you have a day job. As a result, dialing in your approach to recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right people can feel overwhelming and a “we’ll get to it soon” priority. Thankfully, we’ve distilled it into a step-by-step methodology that we can teach to you and your key team members.

Welcome to the talent algorithm. Talgo helps you build sustainable competitive advantage in talent acquisition: You’ll define your company’s roles with clarity and precision, learn to source high-performers from diverse backgrounds, and master the fundamentals of data-driven interviewing. This empowers you to filter out costly hiring mistakes, deliver an exceptional candidate experience, and fill your teams with top talent working effectively towards your shared vision. 

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Our clients love what we do

Our clients love what we do

“The training was awesome. Super concrete, actionable material at just the right level of my generality. After the first session, I immediately asked other senior members of my team to sign up.”

Kevin C.
CEO, Ossium Health

“I strongly recommend working with them! We have a more structured process, we are making stronger hires and keeping our bar high as we scale.”

Jennifer K.
Head of Talent Acquisition, Twilio

“I personally have seen the new tools and procedures greatly streamline the entire recruiting practice. We move faster and get it right more often.”

John K.
CEO, Apartment List

“We’ve been able to attract and hire amazingly high-caliber talent that wouldn’t normally work at an early stage startup. And we avoided some mis-hires that we would have made with a less rigorous process.”

Kai K.
CEO, Biofire

“Hiring is the #1 executive skill, and this is the absolute best interview training you can get.”

Kurt S.
Head of Business Operations & Strategy, Palantir

About us

Jordan Burton

Jordan has 15 years of experience as an executive assessor and interviewing trainer, working with top VC/PE investors and high-growth startups to help them hire the best of the best. He has trained over 3,000 executives and investors on hiring and interviewing skills. He leads Talgo's business development initiatives, managing relationships with Sequoia Capital, TH Lee, Chainlink Labs and over 50 venture-backed startups. He was formerly a Partner at leadership advisory firm ghSMART, a consultant at Bain & Company, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Matt Walsh

Matt is an executive coach, advisor, and interview trainer to high growth companies. He leads Talgo's product and operations initiatives, helping clients implement world-class hiring processes and build their team's skills. He previously worked at Palantir Technologies, leading enterprise deployments in New York, London and Singapore. While there, he led multiple initiatives related to recruiting and interviewing excellence, becoming a top interviewing trainer for the company. He is a former corporate lawyer and holds a JD from Harvard Law.

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